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Economic emission dispatch
This software solves the economic emission dispatch by quadratic programming.The fuel cost equations,emission coefficients ,Bmn coeffcients and the demand should be entered and the subroutien emield.m should be executed.
February 27th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 41k
Chandrasekhar� 39;s H function
The purpose of this code is to compute the value of Chandrasekhar's H function (sometimes called Ambartsumian's or Busbridge's H function) used in many diffuse reflectance and atmospheric/stellar light scattering and emission calculations. The method for performing the calculation are ...
February 22nd 2013 Shareware    10k
Lambertian Emission of 1 LED
The code is customizable and scalable version of Lambertian Emission (only incident) of 1 LED.You can customize:1)Room Size2)Position & Orientation of Transmitter and Receiver3)Characteristics of Tx and Rx, etc.
May 28th 2013 Shareware    10k
Carbon Account 5.x-1.x-de
By entering utility meter readings, gasoline/petrol consumption, daily commutes and plane trips etc., drupal registered users can build a picture of their CO2 emissions.To get going a user creates a carbon account. Then adds carbon stamps such as trips, meter ...
January 16th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Fit blackbody equation to spectrum
Simple example of the use of the FMINSEARCH function to fit the blackbody equation to the emission spectrum of an incandescent body for the purpose of estimating its color temperature and emissivity. fitblackbody.m is the fitting function. BlackbodyDataFit.m is a ...
January 18th 2013 Free    10k
GUI for Multivariate Image Analysis of 4-dimensional data
This GUI includes is a set of multivariate image analysis methods for analyzing image data sets acquired at two variables. For example: emission excitation image data, spectral or dynamic (temporal) sequences of images acquired at different depths using microscopy.Two approaches ...
January 14th 2013 Shareware    594k
The LAMB toolbox
Description: This program is based on the Ph.D. thesis[1]: "LAMB: a SIMULATION TOOL for AIR-COUPLED LAMB WAVE BASED ULTRASONIC NDE SYSTEMS" from The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Department of Electronic Engineering (EEL) 2010.The software simulates the behaviour of an ...
March 26th 2013 Free    15,585k
gaussianPlume Steady-state gaussian plume distribution model gaussianPlume models the dispersion of a continuous point source, i.e. plume, in various conditions and terrains. The output of gaussianPlume is a 3-dimensional matrix containing the concentrations of the emitted substance over a field ...
June 1st 2013 Free    20k
Widefield Fluorescence Microscope point-spread function
This function generate the point-spread function for a widefield microscope using a scalar diffraction-limited model (Stokseth refer to [1] and [3] below)----------------Input parameters:lambdaEx: Excitation Wavelength (in nm)lambdaEm: Emission wavelegnth (in nm)numAper: Numerical aperture of the objectivemagObj: Objective total magnificationrindexObj: Refractive ...
December 27th 2012 Shareware  2.5 stars 92k
Related Software
coolcurve_create project contains cooling curves (emissivities) for hydrodynamical simulations from XSPEC.

ccurve_create.tcl is a TCL script (plus associated csh-scripts) that make it is possible to calculate cooling curves (plasma emissivities, in units of erg cm^3 s^-1) as a function of plasma ...
June 4th 2011     31k
CO2 Saver
As seen on Good Morning America and The New York Times, CO2 Saver adjusts your computer's power settings to automatically save as much energy as possible, thus reducing global warming and saving on your electrical bill. It even keeps track ...
September 22nd 2007     224k
CO2 Global
Program for control of emissions and management of carbon credits. With he is possible to manage the purchase and sale of carbon credits, to make the planning of the sustainable actions and control of emission, to organize the bought certificates, ...
October 27th 2007      
Inno3D Graphic Card GeForce GTS 250 OC for Windows XP/MCE
Inno3D® are excited to launch the powered up Inno3D® GeForce GTS 250 at one of the biggest IT event in Europe, CeBIT 2009. Build ready for CUDA™ technology that delivers a best-in-class gaming experience. The Inno3D® GeForce GTS 250 sets ...
July 17th 2011     82,555k
Inno3D Graphic Card GeForce GTS 250 for Windows XP/MCE
Inno3D® are excited to launch the powered up Inno3D® GeForce GTS 250 at one of the biggest IT event in Europe, CeBIT 2009. Build ready for CUDA™ technology that delivers a best-in-class gaming experience. The Inno3D® GeForce GTS 250 sets ...
February 14th 2011     82,555k
High Frontier
High Frontier is a turn-based strategy game, which uses more realistic modelling of economy, climate, research and migration. Uniquely this game starts today - the initiation date of a game is todays date and the existing world is the world ...
July 4th 2011     228,413k
Cell Imaging
* New features of the Cell Imaging version: <br /><br />A‚* Bottom navigation icons by application area <br /><br />A‚* Image Gallery <br /><br />A‚* Easy image sharing <br /><br />A‚* Full screen image browsing <br /><br />A‚* Image descriptions ...
February 14th 2013     21,606k
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